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Seller‘s Inspections is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on the part of the seller.

Seller inspections (sometimes referred to as pre-listing inspections) are becoming more popular because they virtually eliminate all the pitfalls and hassles associated with waiting to do the home inspection until a buyer is found.  In many ways, waiting to schedule the inspection until after a home goes under agreement is too late.

A Seller’s inspection is arranged and paid for by the seller, usually just before the home goes on the market. The inspector works for the seller and generates a report for the seller. The seller usually makes multiple copies of the report and shares them with potential buyers who tour the home as a marketing tool. The report might relieve a prospective buyer’s unfounded suspicions, and prevent them from walking away. A seller inspection also lightens negotiations and 11th-hour re-negotiations.  When seller inspection reports are provided, deals are less likely to fall apart the way they often do when a buyer’s inspection unexpectedly reveals a last-minute problem.

Our Inspections are performed with a systematic approach, breaking down the house as a whole into systems and components.  Our inspections are non-destructive examinations of the systems and structures of a home, from the roof to the foundation. We perform every inspection in accordance with Hawaii Administrative Rules and follow a valued code of ethics.

Signature Inspections Hawaii, will reveal any important issues that may need attention and can suggest solutions and maintenance programs. The inspection will provide you with valuable information that will give you greater confidence in negotiations. A walk through at the end of the inspection with the seller is strongly encouraged. This allows us to present a much greater appreciation and understanding of the home’s condition and details found in the report. If the seller cannot be present, a telephone appointment, facetime, or google hangout can be made in order to discuss the report.

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    A home inspection should be considered at as a MUST when considering your possible financial investment.

    Why?  Most homes have conditions that need attention.  It’s important to keep that in perspective… Then the question becomes, what and how serious are these conditions?

    We will answers these questions and explains their solutions so that you can make an informed decision before selling or purchasing a home.

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